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How should we send our ARTWORK?

You can send it via regular mail, email or upload it via the web (via or contact us for our ftp link). If you send it through the mail, you can send a CD-R, jump drive or paper hard copy for us to scan. Please send all art ready to print, at the size you want it, and with all color/placement specs listed. If your design needs work, you may be charged an art fee. We will, of course, let you know beforehand, so you can authorize any additional changes.

How should we prepare our ARTWORK?

We prefer Adobe PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR files. Please convert all text to paths/outlines or curves to eliminate the need for the fonts. If you don't do this, please make sure you include the fonts and all linked images. If you send an Illustrator file, send an AI or EPS. If you send a Photoshop file and it is mutli-color, try to include all the layers, but don't include hidden layers you don't want printed. In Photoshop we like PSD and TIFF files. We will try to work with pretty much anything though. Make sure your digital files are at least 300 dpi. Low resolution web graphics at 72 dpi are not usually workable and may incur additional art charges for us to recreate them. Paper hard copies should be clean and ready to scan. Please send all art ready to print, at the size you want it and with all color/placement specs listed. If your design needs work, you may be charged an art fee. We will, of course, let you know beforehand, so you can authorize any additional changes. **Please send your artwork at the exact size you want it printed on the shirt!!! If you can't send it to size, please let us know what size you want it, and we'll size it up for you. We also offer custom design services. Let us know if you need some artwork created for you.

How should I size my ARTWORK?

Print your art out on paper if you can and see how it looks up against an actual shirt. If you can't print it out just get out a ruler and put it up against a shirt to get an idea of what the image size will look like. You also may want to look at other printed shirts you have and measure the print on them to get an idea of how you'd like yours. Remember the design may look different on different sized tees or styles. If you just can't decide we can advise you, but you better like the size we choose if you leave it up to us! Here's an example of a design on a unisex XL and a ladies small, so you can see how it fills up the shirts differently.

Can I mix and match shirt colors?

You can mix and match whatever shirt colors you want at no additional charge as long as the same ink colors can be printed on all the shirts you order. If you want some shirts to have different color inks than others, you will have to pay for a COLOR CHANGE.

What is an ink COLOR CHANGE?

If you want some of your shirts printed with one ink color and the rest with another, you have to pay for a COLOR CHANGE. The fee is usually $10 per color change.

Can I mix and match shirt sizes?

YES, you can get however many of each size you need. If you ordered 50 shirts, you could get 5 small, 25 medium, 18 large and 2 XL. You don't have to get even dozens or even numbers. Larger sizes like XXL and up do cost more, so keep that in mind. Youth sizes are available at no additional cost.

Can I get 100 shirts with 2 separate designs?

Sure! However, we price per Design, so each image is treated as a unique order. For example if you were getting 50 shirts of one design and 50 shirts of another design they would be priced separately at the 50 quantity pricing.

What kind of shirts do you use?

The answer is: What kind of shirt do you want? We can get pretty much any brand of shirt your looking for. We usually print on high quality 100% cotton or 50/50 tee depending on what you want. All of the shirts we use are name brand and exceptional quality. Here is a sample listing… American Apparel, Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, Bella, Alternative Apparel, Alstyle, Next Level, Anvil, Comfort Colors, HYP, Cygnus, Tultex, etc.

Do prices include shipping?

Not usually. We'll give you a shipping estimate when we give you a quote. We ship everything via UPS Ground unless other arrangements are made. Keep in mind that shipping usually ends up being cheaper than local sales tax.

Can you send me my shirts while we're on the road (on tour) or to an event?

Of course! We'll work with you to get you shirts wherever you may be. We can ship to clubs, hotels, UPS centers, even your grandmother's house.

Do you have a minimum order?

We don't like to print fewer than 24 shirts per design. Remember, the more shirts you order, the cheaper they are per shirt. Orders under 24 may be subject to additional fees. We will do sample runs of 1-12 shirts, but be prepared to pay sampling set-up charges.

What is your average turnaround time?

As a general rule, we say 7-10 working days (not including weekends and holidays). This doesn't include shipping time to your location. Some special orders may take longer. Just let us know your schedule, and we'll see what we can do. We specialize in meeting your deadlines.

Can you do RUSH orders?

Usually we can accept rush orders, but there may be an additional charge. Contact us to see if it applies to your order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) and payments online via We also accept checks/money orders. All payments are due up front and in full before a job can start, unless other terms have been arranged.

Can you send me a chart of shirt colors to pick from?

Sure, just send us an email, and we'll email one right back to you. Keep in mind that colors on web browsers vary and aren't totally accurate. However, they should be close enough to help you determine what color shirts you want.

What are my choices for INK colors?

We can do pretty much anything. Send us a PMS (Pantone Matching System) number, and we'll match it. You can also send us a magazine clipping or paint chip, and we'll mix it to match. We even have neon colors, metallics, and even glow-in-the-dark. Every ink color is custom mixed to assure the most accurate recreation of your art. Because of the variation in computer monitors, we cannot guarantee color matching from digital files without PMS numbers, but we will try our best. Here is a digital version of the PMS chart.

What If I want a certain look or feel to my design?

There are several things we can do to get a desired look or feel. Here's a basic run down of a few options to consider. If you don't see something listed or need additional information don't hesitate to contact us.
*Standard Plastisol ink: This is the most common and versatile ink in our arsenal. We can achieve super opaque prints on dark shirts and softer prints on light shirts. All standard quotes are given assuming we'll use our standard Plastisol ink.
*Soft Feel on Dark Shirts (Discharge): Works well on dark colors and makes your image feel like the shirt, almost as if the inks didn't exist on the shirt. Stays bright with a process that bleaches out the pigment of the shirt and replaces it with the ink. You'll only get this feeling after washing the shirts for the first time. This process won't work on all shirt brands and colors.
*Fashion soft hand base (plastisol additive): This is an additive that we mix in with inks, it will give the print a softer feel since the ink penetrates the shirt fabric rather than laying on top of it like traditional plastisol inks. It has more of a satin feel and works better on lighter colored shirts. Not recommended for dark shirts unless you want a really faded look.
*Water Based inks: Water Based inks can give a softer feel on light shirts, but we've actually had better luck with the fashion soft hand additive in the plastisol ink. Water base ink isn't as versatile, but is there as an option if it's something you prefer.
*Vintage Look: We can use a thinner ink so it doesn't feel as thick but feels more like an old shirt. The soft hand base and discharge also create the same kind of feel and look. There is also a technique called distressing that can give your design a vintage look, but is done with the art, rather than during the printing process.

What if I want to do something with the original shirt tag?

There are a couple of things you can do with your garment tags.
1. Cut the original tag out, and print your own custom tag onto the inside shirt neck (example).
2. Cut the original tag out, and sew in your *provided custom label (example).
3. Leave the original tag in, and print your logo or text underneath it (example).
4. We can also sew tags in other areas on the garment. For example, the bottom of the shirt, the sleeve of a shirt, pretty much anywhere on a shirt that we can sew.
*We don't make custom labels in-house, so you'll have to provide them for us to sew in. We can, however, help you source them if you like.

What size can be printed on a shirt?

Our standard maximum size is 14" wide x 17.5" tall. Anything larger than that is considered an oversized print and an additional charge will be added to your quote. An oversized print is no larger than 17" wide x 21" tall anything bigger than that requires a special quote and consideration. Just shoot us an email with your idea and we'll let you know how we can make it work and what it will cost. One thing to consider with larger or oversized prints would be the shirts you're printing on. Ladies shirts are a lot smaller than guys, so if you want to print big and print on ladies or kids shirts different sized art may be required to accommodate the smaller shirts. If you are printing two different artwork sizes, this will also have additional charges.

Can I get something printed on the sleeve or pocket?

Yes you can! If you can think of it, we will try our best to do it! There are some limitations to the printing process however, so just check with us and we'll let you know if it's within our capabilities.

I'm selling my shirts in a retail store, can you individually bag them and put size tags on them/or put hang tags on them?

This isn't a problem! We can bag and size sticker your order for retail sale or even just for your show or event. We can also attach your provided hangtags and stickers. Please refer to our Services section for more details and inquire for pricing. We have experience preparing shipments for retailers like Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic.

Can you print over a zipper or on the seam of a shirt?

We can print over zippers and seams, but please understand printing on uneven surfaces like seams and zippers can cause inconsistencies in the print that can't be avoided. Certain designs and placements will turn out better than others. Contact us for more details.

I'd like to place a re-order. Did you save my art so I can re-order more?

Every single design is safely filed away for future use, so if you re-order we still have your artwork! Let us know if you want to make any changes, like different colors or different shirt styles. If you have a feeling your order will need to be reprinted soon after the initial order, please let us know and we'll save the screens to ensure faster reprint turnaround.

Where are you guys located?

We are located in the Auburn Industrial Park in beautiful Auburn, Alabama. We are about an hour and a half from Atlanta and Birmingham and 45 minutes from Montgomery. War Eagle!

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